Tuesday, January 15, 2008

9 can soup

one can of each:

hormel chili with beans
hormel chili without beans
whole kernel corn
diced potatoes
diced tomatoes
green beans
campbells's veggie beef soup
sliced mushrooms

dump all in crockpot. do NOT drain!! stir a few times to combine. cook on low for a few hours.

we like to eat it with frito's. yum yum. this recipe makes a ton! and i mean a ton!! and there is no real way to cut it down so i usually try to share with a friend, and then i still have some left to freeze! it is a great quick meal to grab from the freezer!

and you can play with the ingredients some... we don't like a ton of green beans so since the veggie beef soup and the veg-all already has green beans we leave out the single can of green beans and have 8 can soup!

thanks to my friend and neighbor, jenny holloway, for sharing the soup with us and giving me this recipe!!!

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