Thursday, December 6, 2007

Guatemalen Turkey Burgers -by Tiffany


2 lbs. of ground turkey
fresh cilantro
fresh basil
fresh mint (optional)
white pepper
1 Tbl. spoon of chili powder
1 cup of extra virgin olive oil

1 avocado, cut into thin wedges
1 cup of salsa
freshly rinsed lettuce leaves
wheat buns

Rinse your fresh herbs, separate leaves from stalk, and pat dry between two paper towels. (Note: I buy the fresh, pre-packaged, organic herbs.) Finely chop your herbs, and kneed them into your meat. The mint will cut the intensity of the cilantro, and is good to have on hand the first couple of times you try this recipe. Salt and pepper your meat and make it into patties. Sprinkle chili powder over the top of your patties before placing them on the grill. Brush each side of the patties with evoo as you grill them. The ground turkey is such a lean meat, that you need the evoo to keep your burgers juicy. Serve atop a wheat bun and garnish with three thin slices of avocado, a dollop of salsa and a lettuce leaf. This is great served with spicy sweet potato fries, or chips with salsa or rotel. Happy Eating!

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